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freelance jobs online

Finding a job is indeed not easy. The increasingly sophisticated world does have a significant influence on intense competition among job seekers. Moreover, the world is currently experiencing a difficult time because of coronavirus. A good job, for now, is freelance jobs.

Not only knowledge from educational background becomes capital, but also special skills are needed as supporting equity to deal with the world of work.

Tight competition from job seekers can also be felt by new graduates or often referred to as new graduates. What’s more, the lack of work experience makes some of them think surprised when facing the reality of the existing workforce.

It will be different for graduates who already have previous work experience. Their experience makes them ready to face the gates of the world of work they will enter.

That way, it can be said that work experience before graduation needs to be owned by everyone, especially students, as a provision to face the world of work. This experience can be gained from an internship or part-time work experience.

Today many companies have opened up these opportunities for students. Of course, this is a golden opportunity that is worth a try, which is freelance jobs online.

By taking an internship or becoming a freelance worker, students can add useful work experience to their future careers. Not only that, by trying this job, but students can also build connections with professionals so that it can be a distinct advantage when later looking for work after graduation.

Even with an internship or part-time job can also be a means to increase daily income from the results obtained. Reporting from, here are some recommendations for the types of freelance jobs that have large salaries and are suitable for you who are still students.


Here are some of the most popular online and offline freelance jobs

  • Youtuber/Blogger

freelance jobs online graphic design
freelance jobs online Youtuber

One type of freelance that you can try is to become a blogger or YouTuber. Digital technology has increasingly advanced, becoming a land specifically designed for creative people who can create engaging content or information.

Not without reason, because nowadays, people prefer to use digital technology in finding information. For this, it would be good for you to provide content or information through a blog or YouTube.

This way, you can get a lot of income from products that advertise on blog portals and YouTube channels that you get. The more complete and exciting the content you create, the more people who read will also watch the material that you create. That way, more and more companies are also interested in advertising their products.

Some of the people who earn significant revenue from YouTube are Felix Kjellberg. He owns the YouTube channel PewDiePie with an income of $ 8M / month, and a substantial income from the blog, Michael Arrington, with an income of $ 700k / Month. Or you can order freelance writing services online to fill in each of your content.

  • Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs
Freelance Writing Jobs

Not much different from bloggers, freelance writing jobs are also included in the types of freelance work that you can try. Nowadays, many media need freelance writers to produce more articles or content to boost media progress.

Usually, the media will provide wages by the target of writing done by freelance writers. The value also varies. For medium and top media companies who are willing to pay tens of dollars for each article. Of course, this is an exciting opportunity to try.

  • Graphic Design

freelance jobs online graphic design
freelance jobs online graphic design

Another type of freelance jobs online that you tried while still, a student was freelance jobs online graphic design. You can use this type of work to increase cash income.

For freelance jobs online graphic design, you must first set an application such as Photoshop, etc. You can also ask for help from your friends who understand and master this field to teach design techniques.

For you, graphic design students can be a distinct advantage. Without the need to wait, you can apply the knowledge you get into a productive business.

You can open a graphic design and offer it to large companies. The results obtained from every graphic design project must be very tempting.

  • Photographer

freelance jobs online photographer
freelance jobs online photographer

Photographers also include the type of freelance jobs online that you can try. Especially for you who have hobbies and skills in the world of photography.

These benefits you can use to increase the coffers of the conversation. You can start working with a travel agent or open a photographer’s service.

Special events, such as weddings and graduation events. With this, you can set the rates according to what you want, also please, by providing premium service and quality.

  • Reseller Affiliate

freelancer jobs online
freelancer jobs online

For those of you who want to develop marketing skills, you can try as a product affiliate reseller. This includes the types of online freelance jobs that do not require capital and complicated business.

You can take several goods or products of a brand, and then you sell it back to friends directly or via online, or you market someone’s product with your referral. You can choose a product that is currently being used or needed by many people.

Such as for skincare products, makeup, or other products. The more creative you offer goods, then it is not impossible that more and more customers are also interested in buying the products you offer.

  • Programmer

freelance jobs online programmer
freelance programmer

You can get this type of freelance jobs online with internships or time spent at the company, or you can do it yourself.

You can try to make an application program that can be a solution for your daily work. When the application you make has great benefits for the community, this application will be widely used. The more it is used, the better you can develop it as a business area.

This type of freelance jobs online is pretty much in need, and you only focus on the expert on what your field and what you master.


Closing Article

Those are some of the freelance jobs online that you can do, learn techniques until you are proficient, and do evaluations every day to assess your efforts and results. Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, I can help you. Don’t forget to share …

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